Sprinkle #18 Clean Your Closet!!

Hey everyone!

I am sooo excited to say that The Happy Sprinkle has been nominated for an Awesome Calgary Award! Please check out http://www.awesomecalgary.org/ 

Today's Sprinkle is all about giving without spending a dime. Cleaning your closet is usually something all of us do a few times a year so why not use that to help someone in need? Today I am donating 3 bags of clothes to Diabetes foundation! They will come right to your house to pick up the clothes which is the best part. A very simple and easy way to give back. The donations are collected by the diabetes foundation and given to Value Village and then they are compensated on volume which all goes to Diabetes research!

Please take a look at those old items you have not worn in years and donate them! It is a win win situation...cleaner closet = money for diabetes research!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Nicky, Awesome Calgary Award Nominee :)

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