Sprinkle #17 Patching Up Our Wounded Soldiers!

Hey everyone! Today is all about using what you are good at to help other people and I have the perfect example of that today...Operation Peace & Comfort. This is a project that was started here in Alberta by a group of women who were not only passionate about quilting but also helping wounded soldiers (one of these awesome women happens to be my mother in law Robyn). They started making quilts that were "Canadian" themed and sent them through military channels to get them to wounded soldiers that served in Afghanistan (many of the soldiers received their quilts in hospitals located in Germany). They have sent many quilts and continue to make more and more! They have received a ton of praise and recognition...one of the quilts even made it into Stephen Harper's house!




The Department of National Defense Head Quarters and Chief of Defense Staff, General Rick Hillier whole heartedly endorses the project, Operation “Peace & Comfort. General Hillier states, “I would like to offer my enthusiastic support to Operation “Peace and Comfort” a project intended to provide quilts to injured soldiers and families of deceased soldiers”. Red Deer Member of Parliament, Bob Mills also states, “This project is just one way we can thank those brave men & women who have prepared to risk everything to help secure a more peaceful world for all of us.”

This is such a perfect example of what a small act can turn into. They are using the talents that God gave them and helping other people while doing something they enjoy as well. We can all learn from this story and think about how we can use our talents to better our community, country and world.

Nicky, thanking all the quilting ladies for a job well done!!

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