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Here is a guide to everything you could possibly want from my fellow sista's...

Jewelry & all things pretty:

Clothing & Accessories:

Candles & Delicious Fragrance:

  • Scentsy, Nicole Niessen-Email her to order: (Airdrie)

  • Scentsy, Malerie Conley (Drumheller)

Makeup & Hair:

  • Hair Pins Salon-Denise Brown:  403-329-9115 
    • (Hussar, Gleichen, Bassano & Standard Area)

Weddings & Events:

Food & Yummy Treats:

Restaurants & Attractions:

Gifts & More:


  • NC Photography-Nicole Modde (Babies & Weddings Calgary/Medicine Hat)

  • Tee Phraze Photography, Tayla Fraser (Creative portraits, western lifestyle,weddings/Bassano Area)

House & Home:


Health & Wellness:

Blogging, Recipe`s & more:

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Ladies...this is LIFE CHANGING!!

So I stumbled upon a little something that I believe is going to be LIFE changing.

It is called Poppy Barley, Made to Measure shoes...that is right custom fit for your feet and wanna know what makes it even better? It is ran by women...ALBERTA women. Heck Yes!
Courtesy of

I am so excited to try this site (once I save my pennies)...I have such a wide foot but also very small so it it tough to find any shoe that fits properly. This is such a genius idea!

It is a little more expensive than your average shoe/boot but you get to choose everything from the color of the leather, the style and of course the fit!

Courtesy of

Hope you are all as excited as I am about this little gem...

Shoe Lover,


June 18- My recent love affair...

So I am not a beauty expert by no means but I have had some exposure to many major brands in my career and even worked for/on behalf of some including L'Oreal, Garnier and more. I have never been one to use a lot of products or be picky about what I use and for the last few years I have been using a ton of Garnier products including one of my fave's their face wipes...I have nothing bad to say about them but I have made a switch!

I have been seeing a lot of ads from Aveeno lately and they caught my eye (mostly because they have the beautiful Jen Aniston in them) but also because they use "Active Naturals" which I try to buy as often as I can. So my interest was peaked and I had to try it out...

I tried Aveeno face wipes, shaving cream and their sunscreen and I am in love!! The shaving cream has seriously changed my life-no more red bumps, my skin feels great after shaving and it is so creamy. I really love that their sunscreen has less harmful ingredients and more natural ingredients! I cannot wait to buy more of their stuff because I am truly impressed, I just wish they made a natural deodorant too!

Excited about my new discovery,



June 4- Stella & Dot

I love love love accessories, hence why I sell Stella & Dot! It is the perfect combo of trendiness and affordability. 

Here are some of my recent FAVES from Stella & Dot:

If you LOVE these looks, check out more on my Stella & Dot website here:

Also, don't forget the AMAZING Dot Dollars promo happening June 1-30!

3 Easy Steps To Redeem Your Dot Dollars

1. For every $50 you spend between June 1 - June 30, you will earn $25 Dot Dollars.

2. You can apply $25 Dot Dollars to every $50 you spend on jewellery only between July 3 – July 11, 2013. Minimum purchase of $50 on jewellery required to redeem.

3. On July 3, 2013 you will receive an e-mail with your Dot Dollar promo codes, each code representing a $25 Dot Dollars award for you to redeem on jewellery.


May 23- Ombre Hair Don't Care

So I will be the first to admit that some days I feel great about my outfit or my hair-do and other days oh boy...I am a walking fashion disaster but as my mom always says "At Least You Tried". I recently decided to try something new with my hair. *Please note that my hair has been blonde or a variety of blonde for a majority of my adulthood so this was a BIG decision*

So I called up the people who I knew would do an amazing job, Jemini Hair Artistry and I sent them a photo for inspiration and booked the appointment. I knew they would do great but I was still so nervous. But as I walked into the salon I decided, just do it, just go with it and don't look back. The ladies and gent at Jemini made me feel so comfortable and confident, they are professionals and I trusted them 100%. Here are the amazing results...

Before: Dirty Blonde

After: Ombre!

Thank you so much to Jemini for my awesome new hair cut, I really love it! Not only does it look great but it will be much easier to maintain with my dark roots which = less money which I love!

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