Sprinkle #16 - Think For Yourself

So I totally forgot to tell you about one of my Sprinkles! I tried to tell all of you about what happened to my grad dress! I tried to donate it to the CPA but they never did come to pick it up and did not return my calls. But it worked out because my cousin posted on Facebook that girls in Slave Lake were looking for grad dresses after theirs all burnt in the fires. So I donated my grad dress and some other dresses I had laying around to them because I cannot imagine what it would be like to loose everything including the dress that they wanted to wear one of the most important days of their lives :( I hope it went to someone special :)

The other topic I wanted to talk about today was a documentary that I watched called The Sons of Perdition. It is about the polygamist colonies in Utah, specifically the one in Colorado City. It follows two boys who escaped and their journey trying to find themselves in a world they did not know existed. It was heart breaking to me because these children don't learn how to read or world history (they didn't even know that world war 1 or 2 had happened). I especially feel for the girls who are forced into early marriage (some as young as 13) and they immediately start to have children. Some men have up to 70 wives. Now I am not trying to say that it is wrong or right, I do believe that people should be able to live the way they want to but the thing that I have the biggest problem with is the lack of independent thinking, individuality and learning. I believe everyone on this planet should have the right to independent thought and an education and in that colony it is forbidden(there schools only teach math and religion). I really do suggest that everyone watch the documentary for yourself and you can come to your own conclusions but to me if it is a forced way of life that is modern day slavery. If you want to help children escape this lifestyle like I did please visit: http://www.holdingouthelp.org/ where you can volunteer, donate money, clothing etc to the children who were brave enough to say no to that forced lifestyle.

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Nicky, promoting independent thinking

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