Thank You! 7th Sprinkle

I am so happy to report that I have been receiving a lot of good feedback and people paying forward the Sprinkles! We even reached a lady in Washington (how awesome!).

Today's Sprinkle is all about giving thanks and appreciation to the people we love in our lives. To often, we forget to say Thank You to those around us that we work with, live with, love, are friends with etc and really let them know that they are appreciated. With mothers day right around the corner I thought it was important to just keep it simple and let the people we care about know that they are truly appreciated and that they are special. This is so simple but it goes a long way.

If you pay this Sprinkle forward please email me nicole.dundas@hotmail.com or Tweet me @nickydundas or join my facebook group The Happy Sprinkle or comment right here on this blog!

Appreciative of all my Sprinkle followers and all the amazing people in my life- Nicky

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