The 6th Sprinkle! Full Tummies

Well, I am sad to report that I was not able to give blood last night :( because I was stung by a scorpion I have to wait 6 months (which will be June) from the incident in order to donate. I was so disappointed but at least my friend Lindsey got to donate! We did some good and I do fully commit to going back in June.

My sprinkle today is all about volunteering! I was lucky enough to volunteer this afternoon with the Calgary food bank (through Mosaic Cares- our initiative to do good at work). There were 4 of us and we helped give out produce to over 120 hungry people and families. It was a really great experience and it really made me realise that it is not just homeless people who go hungry, it is regular every day people who are in a rut or are injured and cannot work etc. It was eye opening and I really enjoyed my time there and I am planning on going back for sure! You can visit the Calgary foodbank website for more information on volunteering there. They need 80-100 volunteers everyday in order to operate at a good level!! Even just donating food will help as well because the food bank supplies the homeless shelters, the other foodbanks etc

If you pay this Sprinkle forward please email me nicole.dundas@hotmail.com or Tweet me @nickydundas or join my facebook group The Happy Sprinkle.

-Nicky, hungry from looking at all that food all day!

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