Sprinkle #13... Surprise!!

So, I know it has been a few days! But this Sprinkle is nice and simple but it has a HUGE impact. It is all about the element of surprise. I know some people don't like surprises but I really love them!! It was my besties birthday just yesterday and I wanted to surprise her! So I knew she had wanted to try these doughnuts from a new doughnut shop on 17th (Jelly Modern) and so I got them to make a doughnut birthday cake and it was wrapped all pretty in pink. I drove to her house (I told her she was not allowed to leave her house but did not tell her why) then I drove up and surprised her with them. I could only stay for a few minutes but I know she really loved it. I wanted her to know how special she is and how much I care!

So take time this week and surprise someone you love. It could be as simple as calling someone you don't talk to very often and chatting with them and seeing how they are doing or maybe sending someone flowers just cause. The best is when people least expect it on just a regular day. You could even surprise a stranger (buy them a coffee, send a thank you note, bring sweets to the office). Please do this one because it is so much fun and I honestly think I got just as much joy out of it then lindsey did!

If you pay this one forward please email me at nicole.dundas@hotmail.com Facebook group is The Happy Sprinkle and Twitter @nickydundas!!

Also, I know that there are people taking donations of grad dresses in Slave lake for the girls who lost them in the fire so if you have any dress that could double as a grad dress..think about it!!

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