Sprinkle #14 Updates!!

Hey everyone! It has been so long since my last post, I got so busy and I slacked off but I am back and I have a bunch of updates for you and some new stories.

Remember the little boy Christian who is battling cancer? The fundraiser in Airdrie held by Western RV raised $16,623 and the family decided to share it with another family in Airdrie who is also going through the same thing. Wow, that is the perfect example of paying it forward!

Another update, you know that little crazy mole I had? Well it is a gonner! I have 2 stitches that come out on Monday and the mole has been sent for testing. Glad it is gone :)

You probably thinking that I have been slacking off of this sprinkle stuff but I promise I haven't...just yesterday I took $10 that my company gave me to buy coffee at Tim Horton's (for their camp day initiative) and since I don't drink coffee i was able to buy 7 people their orders! They were so pleasantly surprised and it was nice to sprinkle a little happiness especially when all the money is going to help kids go to camp!

I have also been looking into some really cool initiatives going on globally and found some very interesting ones (not your typical send money over the phone to help give pencils so kids) these are a bit more unique and I cannot wait to tell you more about them on tomorrows post!!

Nicky, Mole and Caffeine free

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