Sprinkle #11 Dear 16 Year Old Me

Hey everyone, I am so happy to be back blogging! Yesterday the site was down and I was unable to write. I have so many things I want to blog about right now but I guess I will just keep this one simple and talk about a video that really touched me.

 The video is called "Dear 16 Year Old Me" and it is about Skin cancer, but the message that they convey and seeing personal stories really moved me. I am not going to lie, I have done the fake and bake tanning, I have had many sunburns and recently a crazy little mole on the back of my leg that was not there before. After watching the video I immediately called the doctor and made an appointment to get it check out...why not? If it is nothing then good but if it is something then thank god I made the appointment. Too often do we put ourselves and our health last when it should be top priority. This is for all of you people who hate going to the doctor, well do you hate cancer more? That is what I thought. Please go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4jgUcxMezM and watch this amazing video.

If you have a weird pain, a new mole, a weird feeling- go to the doctor!!!! Be safe rather than sorry and this weekend when it might be tempting to eat bad food or drink too much etc think twice and give your body at least a 1 day break or if all else fails eat some blueberries and drink a few glasses of water ha-ha. Use sunscreen always! Love your body as much as you can because it is what keeps us here. The Sprinkle challenge is to push a friend or family member to go to the doctor if they have been avoiding it or maybe it is you that is the one who needs to be pushed. Hopefully this post will make a few of you go or at least be conscious of what can happen. For more tips and tricks on how to screen yourself for skin cancer please visit http://www.cancer.ca/Alberta-NWT.aspx?sc_lang=en

If you pay this Sprinkle forward please email me nicole.dundas@hotmail.com or Tweet me @nickydundas or join my facebook group The Happy Sprinkle or comment right here on this blog!

Also, a reminder that you can go to Christian Crowells fundraiser tomorrow in Airdire and there is Spring clean up in Mckenzie Towne tomorrow! Even if you don't live there, be inspired and pick up some trash around your community.

Nicky, hoping to see a response

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  1. Love this one Nicky.
    People always make fun of how "pasty" I am. I can safely say... I don't care! I'd rather be pasty year round than risk my health. I'm quite certain that radiation/chemo and surgeries is much worse than being pale year round.


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