Sprinkle #11 - Let's "Like" together!

So today's sprinkle is very similar yesterdays...to help someone who deserves it. I am sure a lot of you remember the tragic explosion at a Mexican resort not to long ago. Well that explosion took many lives including a man and his son from Drumheller, AB leaving his wife and daughter behind. I cannot imagine having this happen to me or anyone I know but through it all they are living life the best they can. Please pay this sprinkle forward: go to the link below on Facebook and "like" the video about Terra and her daughter and help them win $25,000 in the Urban Mortgage "You Deserve it" contest. This is so easy and it could really change someones life. The video with the most "likes" will win.


If you pay this sprinkle forward please email me nicole.dundas@hotmail.com or facebook group The Happy Sprinkle or you can tweet me @nickydundas on twitter.

Hoping to see Terra win the $25,000 -Nicky

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