The 5th Sprinkle...We Need It To Live!

So I took the weekend off but now I am back and ready to Sprinkle! Thank you to everyone who has been commenting and really becoming part of this movement...every little effort or gesture counts!

So today's sprinkle is all about literally giving people a second chance at life. Tonight I am going to donate blood for the first time which I am kind of ashamed to say. Such a simple way to give back and blood is something that people and the health care system desperately need. I have O Negative blood which is the universal donor and is in high demand right now so I finally decided to do it. I am not sure why I have never done it before but I do want to start donating on a regular basis. I will let you know how it goes!

Another organization that works closely with blood services is One Match. I signed up a few weeks ago because Trent's aunt was telling me about a good friend who was in desperate need for a bone marrow donor but his family members were not matches and I thought to myself "what if that was me" "what if that was someone I really loved" I would want a stranger to help me or to at least try.One Match is an organization that connects people with bone marrow donors. I received a swabbing kit right in the mail and it took 5 minutes to complete then mailed it back. Still waiting to hear back if I am a match but the data base includes people from all around the world. This is a little more invasive than giving blood but not as bad as it once was, go to onematch.ca to get more information. Also, if you are a match for someone you are not obligated to donate, it is your choice to back out or go through with it right up until the day of the procedure so that gives you a lot of time to think about it.

I would encourage everyone to donate blood as soon as possible because it is so simple and does not hurt much at all. If you have ever had a friend or family member in a car accident, major surgery etc they have received blood and there is not enough of it. Please go to canadianbloodservices.ca to book an appointment in your area.

and...do not forget to VOTE today as well!

If you decide to become a blood or bone marrow donor please let me know that you have payed this Sprinkle forward by emailing me at nicole.dundas@hotmail.com or on Twitter @nickydundas and my facebook page is The Happy Sprinkle!

Looking forward to spreading the O Negative love,


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