4th Sprinkle! Dress it up!

Well, the ripple effect keeps getting bigger with every post. It is fantastic! I encourage all of you to let me know if you payed any of these sprinkles forward :)

My 4th sprinkle is a fun one! My grad dress has been hanging in my closet for years (since 2005) and I have put it on a few times (mostly to see how much weight I have gained...but it fit every time although I have not tried it lately ha-ha!!). It is taking up space and really doing nothing so I decided to donate it. It actually took a while for me to find a place that takes grad dresses other than the obvious thrift stores. I finally found the place I am going to donate my dress to...The Cerebral Palsy Association! It is so easy, they come and pick up your donations for you!! I am going to donate a lot of other clothes as well that I have cleaned out of my closet. What a simple way of doing some good and also gaining some space in your house. I strongly suggest donating your old dresses(bridesmaid, wedding, graduation etc) to a girl who needs it more than the closet does. The two places that I found who would take them are The Cerebral Palsy Association email them at pickup@cpalberta.com or Women in need at dispatch@womeninneed.net .

Let me know if you pay this sprinkle forward! nicole.dundas@hotmail.com @nickydundas on Twitter and The Happy Sprinkle on Facebook!!


  1. Nicky, I don't usually follow Blogs, but I love what you are doing! The Walk In Closet also takes donations of womens gently used work clothes, then women in need can go and choose a professional outfit to attend job interviews that will eventually help them get back on their feet.



  2. Nicky, I think this is such a great Idea. You always have shown how you like to help others as well as the earth.

    I do not have any grad dresses or an old wedding dress or any women's clothes as a matter of fact, well because I'm not a women lol. However, I do have some clothes lying in the back of my closet that I could help someone out. I actually know someone that is going through a little bit of a snag right now so I think it is time to clean up abit.

    Keep it up!



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