The 3rd Sprinkle-Keep it simple

So, I have had so many people reach out with how they have payed a sprinkle forward and I love it!! From putting recycle bins into their offices to just appreciating what I have been doing it is having such a ripple effect so far and I am loving it!!

Today's sprinkle is all about keeping it simple. I was in the drive through and I paid for the person's order behind me. So simple but I bet made that persons day. Such a simple act that can really bring some happiness. You could do the same or pay for someones coffee in line or leave the remainder of your gift card to be used by a stranger. Pay for someones parking, buy someone a flower at work or at home etc. These simple acts can really make a big difference in someones day.

Again, if you pay this sprinkle forward please let me know!! Email me: nicole.dundas@hotmail.com or follow me on Twitter @nickydundas and my Facebook page is The Happy Sprinkle!

Nicky- excited to think up my next sprinkle

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