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Alright so I am back from Cabo well rested and I finally got to watch Kony 2012, at first I had no idea what it was about but by the end I was completely inspired. The really interesting/neat part is that I actually started blogging because I saw the founders of Invisible Children on Oprah. I was so inspired after the segment I ordered the DVD and it came in mail a few weeks later. I started my blog that evening and decided I would focus on local projects at first...and I do feel like it has come full circle because it is a year later and I am now inspired again by the same people but this time to join their cause and start making a difference internationally. I will let all of you watch it for yourself and make your opinions but if you aren't feeling at least a bit inspired to do something good even if it isnt the same cause then I really do feel bad for you. My biggest take away from the video was that we now live in a world where we CAN change things for the better on a large scale. If #projectkris can trend on twitter and have more than 800,000 people/tweets about a high school student in Calgary wanting to throw a party then that means we can have 800,000 people to do something good and start a buzz..I think one of the best arguments I have seen about Kony were simply these: newsfeed filled with Kony2012 > newsfeed filled with Snooki and the second was this: " when I was little I asked my grandma about the holocaust and why it wasn't stopped and she replied we just didn't know what was happening". Well we do know what is happening now and we have a chance to stop it. I challenge you to find the "Kony" in your life and make a difference. Volunteer, make a donation, pay it forward, start an event, start a charity or simply just try and be a better person in general. I plan on being part of the Kony 2012 Calgary campaign on April 20th 2012, will you?




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  2. Anonymous21.3.12

    Hey Nicky!

    As part of the Kony 2012 YYC movement we are also looking to get all interested in the Kony movement to attend our fundraiser April 27 at MRU. We are focused on raising funds for 2 organizations who deal in the LRA affected regions. Check out our event below --



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