Amazing Feedback

So it has been almost a month since I did the big sprinkle bags and I have heard from quite a few people. Here are some of the amazing things people had to say:

1. Good Afternoon, I wanted to tell you what a nice surprise it was to be stopped by you on the street today.  My colleague and I were on a mission to get our gifts for the office, and in our own world when you stopped us.  I have to say I was startled.  When we opened our bags, we were shocked at your kindness.  Someone of your age I would have thought would have kept the money! I am all about "Giving" this year, and not toys to my kids or an Ipod to a family member.  I have donated my time, and have recently sponsored a child in a third world country.  This really warmed my heart and made my day. My colleague and I switched bags that were handed to us.  I had the Warm hands and Music Sprinkle bag.  We walked around Stevens Ave for a bit, and found a lady who really looked like she could have used the gloves.  She looked so grateful when we gave them to her.  :) The itunes gift card, I will be passing on to my friend, who is going on a long trip, and would need the tunes.  I am blessed with enough, and feel the gift card would help her on her journeys. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

2. thanks Nicky! hey we got two of your sprinkles in Calgary. one was a box of monopoly chocolates that you gave to my 6 year old son. he was so excited to get a gift. he gave some to a man who was whistling/busking instead of money and the man then let him whistle with him and gave him a flashing star which made him so excited! he also gave some to a policeman and offered them to lots of other people. our 8 year old daughter was given a subway voucher from you. she then looked very carefully to see if there was someone who could do with a decent meal and found a lady knitting who looked cold. she was so thankful for the meal card and it really made my daughters day to give a present to a stranger. it was such an unexpected thing to receive a present from a stranger on our first day in Canada (we are Aussies and have only just got home). We tried to spread the goodwill around by buying second hand warm clothes from a thrift shop in Canmore and then we donated them back to another charity in Vancouver. keep up the great work! it really made our very first ever white christmas a really memorable one!

3.Brilliant Nicky! Keep rockin' it!

4. This is so awesome! I had so much fun frolicking around downtown Calgary today giving candy to strangers. I traveled from the Glenbow Museum to Kensington sugaring up homeless people, construction workers, and random strangers. The last few girls I encountered were headed to Trend Fashion, and it just so happened that I had $20 worth of gift cards for there so I passed them on to the little ladies. They were bursting with joy! More than anything, this experience reminded me how kindness can break the ice with random strangers, and how nice it is to just smile at one another (and make jokes about the candy having poison in it). Because I'm a jewelry artist, I thought it would be appropriate for me to pay it forward to you, Nicky! I want to give you a complimentary piece of my work. Let me know what you like the best and I can mail it to you, or we can meet up for the exchange. Whether you keep it, or pay it forward is up to you. Cheers!

5. The happy sprinkle rules

6.That's AWESOME! Congrats on reaching your goal and for the wicked cool BIG FINISH!

7. Our colleagues took part in your initiative today! Thanks for reminding what the holidays are all about.

8. Out with the initiative today, thanks !

9.Just received a random act of kindness from a stranger

10.happysprinkle thanks for the - I will be passing on the Tim Horton's love. Happy Holidays!

Awesome to see that people like what I am trying to do and that they do pay it forward :)

Amazing Feedback!

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