The BIG Sprinkle!!!!

So it is finally here, my vision came to life! I received my $1500 cash plus $500 to Mark's on Monday from Virgin 98.5 and the planning and shopping began.

1. I bought 70 toys for The Magic of Christmas-which gives toys to families who cannot afford to buy them

2. I donated a bin full of food to the Calgary Food Bank

3. I bought 100 winter socks for the homeless shelter which I will deliver tomorrow

and finally the big one...The Sprinkle Bags:

The idea behind this is that random people get a gift to brighten their day and they can share with their friends, family or co-workers. I bought all the items, put them in gift bags, made little cards and also included information about The Happy Sprinkle.

The bags are all different and here is the total:

25 Tim Hortons gift cards
16 Subway gift cards
1 city swim pass
1 Empire Theatres gift card
1 Chapters gift card
1 iTunes gift card
4 CO-OP gift cards
 and a ton of bags with chocolates and tons of candy!

In total, 75 complete strangers received a random act of kindness today and lets hope all of them pay it forward somehow...I hope to hear from some of them (I gave my contact information).


-I got many hugs, specifically from the first lady who got the 1st bag she was so excited and gave me a big hug
-I gave one of the Subway gift cards to a homeless man and a few minutes later he came up to me and gave me a dream catcher in return-almost made me cry
-A family from England got a box of chocolates and they opened it and immediately went into a store to buy another box of chocolates for a stranger to pay it forward!
-I had many people say things like "this is awesome" "good for you" "It is so good to see that there are still good people out there"

Man, what a rush. I had so much fun doing it and want to do it again so bad!! I need to win another contest or get some donations ha-ha. A HUGE thank you to Marc Leclair and Jennifer Potts for being my helpers, I really appreciate it.

What an amazing day,



  1. Great job Nicky! Proud of you! What a selfless act. Most people would have spent that $1500 on themselves in no time flat!

  2. Amazing job Nicky! I can't wait to see the video, keep doing what you're doing as every little bit helps :)

  3. Check out the amazing feedback I received after this was completed. http://bit.ly/Vn7SLh


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