#23- Mosaic Cares

Hey everyone! Long time no see...

Lately a lot of my Sprinkles have been through work (Mosaic). Currently at Mosaic we are challenging ourselves to complete 2500 acts of caring across the country to celebrate our 25 years as a company! I think this is one of the best ways to really  make a difference it to set up a charity within a company!

A few weeks ago we had our annual summer mixer where we invite new and alumni candidates to get together, meet managers, socialize and talk Mosaic. Well this year I really wanted to include an act of caring so I asked all people who planned on coming to bring 1 canned food donation for the food bank as their admission to the event. We got over 40 donations and it was so simple and easy. I strongly suggest doing this at your next company function or personal party, birthday etc it is such a great way to give back and really is not asking much of other people.

Stay tuned for a big act of caring tomorrow....THIS IS THE BIGGEST ONE YET!

Excited for tomorrow,

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