Stay Positive! Sprinkle #9

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing mothers day weekend. I am happy to report that my mom loved her dinner that I cooked for her and also her new Tiffany ring! (spoiled but she deserves it). Today I was having trouble thinking of what to do and I got a little help from my Facebook friends. I was sent a link to another blog that talked about the negative status updates that you always see on Facebook well today let's change that! I am going to only update my Facebook with positive things this week and hope you all do the same and same with Twitter (@nickydundas). This is such a simple way to just keep things positive and spread a bit of happiness to the social media world and those who are friends with you or follow you. There are many things you could write about on your status: give a compliment, share an inspiring quote, thank someone, anything along those lines. Sprinkle the happiness people!!!

If you pay this Sprinkle forward please email me nicole.dundas@hotmail.com or Tweet me @nickydundas or join my facebook group The Happy Sprinkle or comment right here on this blog!

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