The First Sprinkle!

So, I have completed my first Sprinkle!! The company I work for decided to do community clean ups across the country (I work remotely in Calgary) so I took my puppy Tank and we walked up and down the street that I live on and to my surprise I filled 3 grocery bags of garbage! I was so shocked that my clean, suburban street had that much laying around! I think I might go again tonight to a spot where I noticed a lot of garbage the other day and try to fill a big bag...if everyone filled 1 grocery bag today full of garbage what a huge difference it would make!

My challenge to all of you: pick up one piece, one bag full, a huge bag full or think twice before throwing your gum, cigarette, plastic bottle etc. if you do end up paying this one forward please let me know what you did! Email me nicole.dundas@hotmail.com @nickydundas on Twitter or join my Facebook group The Happy Sprinkle...this way I can keep track of the ripple effect that my actions have!


  1. Today I got a Recyle Bin for our Office. So much paper was being thrown out! So felt like I should spread a little Sprinkle forward for the Environment. Hope it helps change the attitudes here at the office..so they can move forward & spread a little Sprinkle back home!
    Mmmmmmm..........Sprinkles ;)
    -Amy T.

  2. Good Idea! I think I'll start taking a bag with me on my walks to pick up trash as I go.


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