Here goes nothin!

Tonight is the night I start blogging, finally something that I am passionate enough to write about!

Here is how it all went down: I was watching an Oprah episode about the movie "I Am" which goes into what is your life purpose, are you doing what makes you happy, are you taking too much of what you don't need etc and it made me question what are the answer to those questions (for myself). I enjoy my job a lot, I have great friends and family, I enjoy many things such as travel, movies, my dog, planning my wedding etc but what is that one thing that consistently has made me feel true happiness? Well I guess that would be giving back to people (no matter what form it takes). Since I was a little girl growing up in a town of about 150, the idea of giving back was instilled in me by my family and especially my community (this included things like charity work, fundraising, giving a gift to someone, volunteering, lending an ear  and much more) and no matter which one I find myself doing there is always a common feeling of lightness, pride, an all around happiness that comes over me(which I am sure many people experience as well). So after thinking for a while I said hey why not try doing something small each day and attempt to sprinkle happiness around my neighbourhood, my house, my city, my province etc and it doesn't matter what it is but just to make that effort to do it every day and spread the message to others (simply following the idea of "pay it forward" )such a simple concept but so great! The thought that happiness is contagious and that one small act can have a large ripple effect!

I cannot wait to see where the journey takes me...

Nicky - attempting to sprinkle for the next 30 days

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