Close To Home- 2nd Sprinkle!

So, I am very happy to report that the first sprinkle inspired quite a few people to go around their local area and pick up a bag of trash! I had three people tell me that the post made them think about what they could do to pay that first sprinkle forward which was so exciting! Starting to see a ripple effect already.

My post today is about donating your time or money to something that means a lot to you or something that is close to home. Today I pledged my friend Jenn ($50) because she is going to be walking in the relay for life to help find a cure for cancer. Jenn's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and now she is joining the fight to help end cancer. This is a cause that is very close to my heart. I have had well over 5 family members lose their life to this horrible disease and currently have a few fighting right now. I donated what I could afford but any amount helps, even if that means $5 or $500 or maybe even just walking in the relay or volunteering your time. My challenge to everyone is to really think about what is close to their heart and how they can make a difference (big or small). Think about ways to save money without having to dig in your own pocket (use your bottle money, collect your change for a few months, do a chore for someone if they promise to pledge etc).

To donate to the relay for life please go to http://www.cancer.ca/ and look for the relay for life tab. If you pay this sprinkle forward please let me know what you decided to do, email me nicole.dundas@hotmail.com, find me on twitter @nickydundas and join my facebook page Happy Sprinkle! I always like to see the ripple effect of these Sprinkles!!


  1. Thanks Nicky for posting this in your blog!! I appreciate it soo much! for those of you who would like to donate to my team our name is HUG THE SUN. we have to raise $5000.00 towards the cause and like Nicky said every little bit counts! thanks again Nicky

  2. My fiance and I are doing the Angle Babies walk this weekend! http://angelbabies.dojiggy.com/


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