Pay It Forward Day!

I love Christmas but you know what I love even more? Pay It Forward Day!!

Many countries have been doing this for years and for the first time in 2013 Calgary officially has a "Pay It Forward Day" on April 25th. Thank You Mayor Nenshi!!

I was in a great mood right from the moment I remembered it was PIF Day. My mind started racing with ideas of how I could pay it forward and here is what I was able to accomplish yesterday:

  • I started the hash tag #PIFYYC and it seemed to catch on quite well, event the Huffington Post Alberta used it!
  • I gave praise on Twitter to those who completed acts of kindness and texted friends encouraging them to PIF
  • I bought over 25 chocolate bars and gave them out to the homeless men and women on cash corner, to people in my building and to co-workers and they all had little signs on them reading "It is Pay It Forward Day" in Calgary today! If you complete an act of kindness please tweet us and use #PIFYYC
  • I walked to the Esso on the corner near my work where there is a built in Tim Hortons, I left $10 at the register and told them to cover the next few coffee's that came through, the Esso employee seemed quite confused and a man who had just walked in expressed "She is paying it forward!" and then got on one knee, looked at me and smiled while saying "Namaste". 
  • While at the Tim Horton's I bought 6 delish doughnuts for Calgary Reads (our next door neighbors in  our building) who always offer us coffee and treats so I thought I would pay it back!
After a full day of kindness I felt so content and happy, I walked through the door when I got home and my phone started going crazy! I quickly logged into Twitter and realized that some of my tweets and my acts of kindness had made it into an article in the Huffington Post! Wow, what an ending to my day :) My friends, Wildrose Gypsy and The Magic Assistant also made it into the article! What a fabulous day!

Feeling refreshed,


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