20 ways YOU can pay it forward this holiday season!

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Today's post is all about how you can pay it forward. I have had many requests and questions about paying it forward and where I get my ideas from. Truth is that it is quite simple and I will list 20 easy ways you can pay it forward this holiday season. You can also follow my pinterest page where I have neat and exciting ways to pay it forward, check it out by clicking on the photo below.

Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect

1. Buy someone a coffee or pay for the persons order behind you in a drive through.

2. Offer a homeless person a hot meal on you.

3. Going on a winter vacation this year? Bring a few extra pairs of flip flops (you can ones for under $5 at Old Navy) and give them to some of the locals.

4. Help start a community garden in your area or just volunteer to help take care of one. Another awesome idea is to plant flowers and plants in bad/ugly areas of your city/town. There has been a huge movement called "Guerrilla Gardening"-google it and you can find some really cool stuff!

5. Send a good ol' fashioned thank you card to someone. One of my fave ideas: when you get really great service somewhere or someone went out of their way to help you-send them a thank you card or make sure to really highlight it to their manager to make them feel noticed and appreciated.

6. Give a gift to someone who least expects it (mail man, delivery person, a teacher, local fire or police department etc.)

7. Pick up garbage when you see it or take 1 hour on your weekend to collect garbage in your area.

8. Volunteer somewhere, only if it is only for one day.

9. Give blood. If you are not afraid of needles-people are in desperate need of blood and you could save someones life.

10. Help your parents, roommate etc with cleaning/chores that they would usually do themselves.

11. Give 10 compliments a day for a week to strangers or people you know.

12. Donate used clothing, canned goods or your time to a charity who needs it. A great idea is to hang all of your hangers backwards in your closet, then after 6 months, all the hangers that are still backwards and have not been moved...those clothes get donated.

13. Buy from companies that are doing the right thing. Examples: Ten Tree Clothing & Toms Shoes. They are called one for one companies. You buy from them and they give back to a cause or people in need.

14. Go into a movie theatre and purchase tickets from the automated machines and leave the tickets there with a note saying- enjoy the movie!

15.Buy local or handmade. Challenge yourself this Christmas to buy from only local stores, local products. A great site for this is etsy.com they have many handcrafted items.

16. Open the door for people, say please and thank you. Smile-it goes a long way.

17. When driving in rush hour or winter conditions, let people in, be polite-it might just make their day.

18. Parked near a lot of other cars when it has just snowed? Brush off their vehicles for them.

19. Shovel all the walks for your elder neighbours or rake their leaves.

20.Get passionate about a cause and spread the word! Nothing better than word of mouth.

Challenge yourself to do 5 out of 20. Comment on this post or on my Facebook page and tell me which ones you love or which ones you have completed!! Facebook: www.facebook.com/thehappysprinkle

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