Hello, is anyone out there?

So, I am sitting here in my local Starbucks...and I feel like a real blogger. The aroma of coffee beans, the sound of jazzy music all around me and random people doing who knows what sitting at these tables. I will admit I am not a big Starbucks person (I don't drink coffee, Tea sometimes) but I have to admit that the atmosphere is growing on me and do I dare say...it is kind of inspiring (it has taken me right out of suburbia and transported me into downtown Seattle). I feel like I am in a scene from a romantic comedy (you've got mail kind of thing) and at any moment Richard Gere or Tom Hanks is going to walk in and sweep me off my feet...

Ha-ha well before I get too caught in the moment...I am actually here doing interviews for my day job...but one of my interviews was a no show, so why not do a quick lil blog while I wait for the next one?

I have been feeling a bit  uninspired lately, a little like I have no voice or people are not paying attention. I get frustrated at local media and news when all we hear everyday is: "Shooting" "Drugs" "Protest" "Occupy" "Economy" blah blah blah blah...why can't the news have more light hearted inspiring stories about how citizens both locally and globally are doing good things and trying to make a difference. I am not saying it needs to be me but I do think we need to focus more on the positive, I cannot watch the news anymore because I get too depressed.

But enough of my pity party here in expensive coffee land...

Good news/bad news...I don't think my story in Avenue is going to make print :( but it will potentially make their web stories YAY! I am trying very hard to complete my idea of "Sprinkle Bags"(giving out bags to give people tools and ideas to pay it forward) but I need money and unfortunately did not win the $1000 from Awesome Calgary. I also entered a contest for people doing good by Marks(work warehouse) but I have not heard anything back. I need to find another way to come up with some money to create these Sprinkle bags before Christmas (it is the time for giving).

I also want to complete this project because the concept aligns with Mayor Nenshi's recent launch of "3 Things Calgary" the idea that every citizen complete 3 things(to better the community) and then tell 3 other people about them to inspire them to do another 3 and it goes on and on creating a better city/community. I love that the Mayor has called on the people to take responsibility for their own city and to create a city they are proud of and stop complaining about the city (I argue with people all the time about these types of things when they say "Calgary has no culture, Calgary has rude people etc etc) well if you don't like something then change it! Help a tourist with directions or recommend a cool local spot, create a new event or volunteer at an ongoing one...it is the exact argument when people don't vote and complain about the government...so I am VERY happy about this recent announcement by the mayor.

The Sprinkle bag idea is going to be one of my "3" things...but I have to think of 2 more. I want to think of some big ideas. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I am also in need of some fundraiser ideas for the Sprinkle Bags (I am thinking I need $500-$1000) to actually make an impact. Who knows maybe I can partner with the city to promote the "3" things idea....now I'm thinkin! ha-ha

Well, before this blog gets too long and my ideas get even more confusing/scrambled I bid you adieu

Signing off from Starbucks and in need of funds,


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